Bruise is a publishing imprint initiated by Mateus Domingos.

It awakes from hibernation for small publishing experiments.

It combines a fiction writing practice with research into experimental publishing.


Annotated Index

There’s a sitemap for navigation at the end of each page, but here is the same information as a series of sentences with additional thoughts. You’re on the main bruise.in page right now. This is supposed to describe projects that are quite open and designed for sharing. If you head over to the about page you can read more about me and the things that don’t quite fit here. You’ll also find here a links page, which links out to a bunch of folks I admire.

As mentioned above the Bruise outputs can be found in Locality and Poems.

Resources contains a kind of glossary and some code snippets which might be helpful to anyone who is playing with experimental digital publishing. There are also some rambling notes composed whilst making these things and an outline of syllabus that I’d like to put into practice at some point.

The library section contains information about an offline local-only library project. I’ve also used it as the place to store a record of my reading.

Tools contains links to the small programs I’ve built to help with some specific tasks. Building these small programs has become a central part of my practice.

Print contains images that you can order to be printed and hang on a wall or give to a friend.




For any information or questions about this project please contact ghostglyph@gmail.com.


These materials are published under the Anti-Capitalist licence.

The individual texts are published as CC BY-NC-SA

They are available for free, but I am immensely thankful for any donations. Occasionally I will attach a price to the texts to try and fundraise during an Itch sale day.



~gg 06/22