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Aesthetic Programming, Geoff Cox & Winnie Soon (2020)

We're reading through Aesthetic Programming by Geoff Cox and Winnie Soon (2020). This is available to download or read online (free) or buy here.

This book includes exercises that will teach us about programming with javascript - mostly using p5.js. It also encourages us to think about what coding means.

We'll meet at a coffee shop, Friday afternoons 2-4pm.

We'll mostly work through the exercises together in the session. We might also need to do some reading and coding between sessions.

Please email gg@bruise.in if you have been sent this link by a current participant and would like to join.

"The book explores the technical as well as cultural imaginaries of programming from its insides. It follows the principle that the growing importance of software requires a new kind of cultural thinking — and curriculum — that can account for, and with which to better understand the politics and aesthetics of algorithmic procedures, data processing and abstraction. It takes a particular interest in power relations that are relatively under-acknowledged in technical subjects, concerning class and capitalism, gender and sexuality, as well as race and the legacies of colonialism." [https://aesthetic-programming.net/]


Date Chapter Summary
16/2/24 Chapter 1 Setting up our workspaces, first sketches.
23/2/24 Chapter 2 Reviewing C1 and readme.txt's. Getting into C2/C3.
1/3/24 Chapter 3
8/3/24 Chapter 4

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