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A loose trilogy of novels taking place in fictional apparitions of Leicester, UK and Nice, France.

They are about places and the way communities are formed, the way individuals enter new places, build community and observe being and belonging.

They each have a degree of paranoiac experience, which increases in each subsequent book.

None of them have endings that resolve. The characters are left within the spaces.

You can download these books for free via itch.io:

Monument (II) Folly

This text focuses on a couple of young artists trying to navigate relationships, balancing desire and dreams with a rapidly shifting reality.

It imagines different artistic practices and methods of research and production.

A Moiré

A Moiré is a book about the city and the manipulation of power within that space.

The novel centers around a part-time private detective named Morris. He is attempting to discover the location of a missing musician. As he follows various leads, he meets a range of characters and glimpses the different organisations influencing the city.


A city in fragments, in the grips of a synthetic drug, Wrench. Paranoiac fragments relating to depression, suicide, murder, frequent drug use, homelessness.

A Portuguese man named Elvis, works as a car park attendant. He is accused of stealing a bicycle and loses his job. Whilst trying to find the bicycle he meets different people who occupy the city, including a ghost.

Print edition

A print edition of each of the novels is available. Please email me for details:


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