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A stash of terminal commands.

batch converting folder with Pandoc:

for i in *.md ; do echo "$i" && pandoc $i -f markdown -t html -o $i.html ; done

app permissions change:

sudo chmod -R 755 Path\ to\ app\ file.app

batch upload with glitch.com:

~kinduff solution

reduce pdf

convert -density 200 -compress jpeg -quality 20 input.pdf output.pdf

different drivers for d1 mini boards.

to list connected ports:

ls /dev/cu.*

some boards appear to work with already installed drivers. A link with a driver that fixed issue for me is here. Installing the driver did bring up some warnings but everything appeared to be working after a restart.

quick exiftool reference

return all exif data:

exiftool path\ to\ file

write to a tag:

exiftool -artist=me a.jpg
exiftool.org exiftool.org/tagnames

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~gg 02/23