Bruise is a publishing imprint initiated by Mateus Domingos.

It awakes from hibernation for small publishing experiments.

It combines a fiction writing practice with research into experimental publishing.

This iteration of Bruise is publishing a series of texts by Mateus called Locality. These three novels take place primarily in fictionalised versions of Leicester and Nice. They are about places and the way communities are formed, the way individuals enter new places, build community and observe being and belonging.

The three novels are:

A collection of poems has also been published. This is released with the intention of receiving occasional updates.

The research and documentation of different processes is documented on this page:

There is a self-directed TOOC (Tiny Open Online Course) syllabus in parallel with this. I am using this to organise my research and identify future pathways. I invite anyone to use this TOOC as a resource for their own research:


Re-reading these texts I’m aware that it might seem as if I think nothing nice ever happens in these cities described. I love these cities, but this is fiction, of a kind that picks at the unseen, shadow spaces - the passage of people through a space and the networks that bind us.

For all the darkness contained here, there is a corresponding lightness; of course,

There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in

I have an extensive collection of rejection emails related to these texts and research ideas, from publishers, funders and universities. In putting this out here I am hoping I can find the people who dig it and the places where similar things are happening.

The texts have been designed for electronic reading, but printed editions are available on request.

Hard principles

Soft principles


There is a more detailed breakdown of the tools I’ve used in putting this site and the documents together, on the way. You can find a WIP in the Resources section. For now, I will simply list most of the different tools used:

Much of the writing was originally done in Google Docs. Editing the texts for this iteration, I transferred everything into Sublime and reformatted as Markdown. I’m now also using Sublime to write from scratch.

Sublime appears to play nicely with Github, which I appreciate.

I haven’t found a static site generator that I get on with, yet, so I’m hand-cranking the .md through Pandoc - aiming to automate this process a little more each time. More about this in the Resources page.

I’m currently publishing through Github Pages. There are alternate versions on Gemini and Hyper.

For compiling the epub versions I’m using Pandoc. This can then be edited further using Calibre and Sigil.


For any information or questions about this project please contact ghostglyph@gmail.com.


These materials are published under the Anti-Capitalist licence.

The individual texts are published as CC BY-NC-SA

They are available for free, but I am immensely thankful for any donations. Occassionally I will attach a price to the texts to try and fundraise during an Itch sale day.





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