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Dead Hand

Dead Hand is a band that is usually Nathan Bissette and Mateus Domingos (and mostly Nathan). We used to be BATTLE MONSTÉRE. Those sounds are shadows in the internet.

Dead Hand is an ongoing experimentation and investigative sound journey. Here we hope to offer the collected results of this journey.

In recent years we have published music (and other things) to our Bandcamp page. You can visit that here. Things aren't looking great at Bandcamp right now but we've been thinking about a different kind of publishing experiment:

Dead Hand Radio Hour, Tuesdays, 10-11pm

A weekly internet radio show, streaming from a small server in my house.

The show mixes pre-recorded, unpublished tracks along with the feed from a VLF antenna. Alongside new Dead Hand songs you'll hear the crackle of lightning, passing vehicles and other sounds fed into the antenna.

We plan to repeat each show, playing it in roughly the same format the following week - although whatever the antenna is picking up will be different.

The show should play using the player or link below, whilst the stream is active. If the stream starts after you've loaded the page, you might have to refresh the page. OR you might have better luck copying the link below into a fresh tab:

The streaming link is below:


There is a bit more info about the streaming setup on the /stream page.

Dead Hand Radio Hour 7-28/11/23 10-11pm UTC


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