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This site mimics the structure of a wiki. The format is an attempt to create a space that is easy for me to add to - and hopefully write more, more often.

It's written in simple html. I'm using VS Code (recently moved from Atom). I don't use a site generator at the moment.

Pages will all follow the same format - so if there isn't a link, it might be possible to find it simply through guessing a url.

Images and 'heavier' content is optional and only load on an extra click.

The website structure allows an exploration of low-energy, small, computation - connected to the ideas of permacomputing.

A couple of pages do use javascript or other scripting to function, but I'm keeping them isolated, so they should only run when requested. This is the case with /webring and the /p5 projects pages.

This website is hosted with Greenhost. They are committed to green and sustainable web hosting. Their servers are based in the Netherlands and are powered by wind energy. I also mirror the website on my own Raspberry Pi server at bruise.ddns.net. (It's much less stable and online than the main host though.)

There is also an RSS feed that you can grab here.

I keep a list of other folks to visit as well. Many of them are artists or communities working locally to me. That can be found here.

A tree view of this whole site is updated here.

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