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Creative Technologist / Digital Arts Technician

I'm Mateus.

I'm a creative technologist and digital arts technician with 10+ years of experience working with artists and exhibitions in the East Midlands.

I'm available for assisting artist development, workshop facilitation and general technician work. I'm DBS checked and insured.

I was a producer at Phoenix between 2019-23, where I worked on a wide range of exhibitions with different artists and technologies.

This included physical installations (mostly new media), online delivery, creation of accessible versions and the creation of related educational material (i.e. workshops, video guides). In 2021 I led the development of the Project Grant funded work, Careful Networks, which commissioned 12 artists across the UK, with the support of 5 peer organisations (The Photographers’ Gallery, Furtherfield, Derby QUAD, BOM, Vivid). This project led to further collaborations and workshop events, which I also delivered. I facilitated artist support in Phoenix’s ERDF-funded development programme, REAL, culminating in the Object Memory exhibition featuring Martin Cibik, Ben Fredericks, Les Hayden, Khush Kali, Christopher Samuel. I worked closely with the cohort as a creative technologist, to develop key skills and find new solutions to the ideas they were working with.

I'm interested on supporting projects that critically engage with digital technologies.

Key skills include:

My skills are supported by an artistic and research-led practice concerned with the use of digital technologies. I have recently participated in digital residencies with Avantwhatever (Australia) and Parallel Library Services (Netherlands) and exhibited work at Two Queens, Phoenix (Leicester), GLOAM (Sheffield), MPND (Loughborough), Small File Media Festival (Canada), Milan Machinima Festival (Italy).

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For any information or questions about this project please contact gg@bruise.in.

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