I've just published a page on a project I was working on during the residency, which can be found at /forest.html.

Also - built a very quick VLF receiver today. It is suprisingly effective - picking up interesting hums, pops and tones from things around the house - and like the AM receiver I made a few months back, picking up broadcasts from the nearby transmitter very clearly. Would like to take it out of the city and make some recordings.


Excited to share that the although the official residency period with avantwhatever.net has now passed, both myself and fellow resident, Rory, will be continuing to reside there. My local server is running now - but missing a few bits I'd like to sort out to make it stable enough that others can visit.

I visited Chris Samuel's The Archive of an Unseen at the Wellcome Collection last week. I was lucky to help Chris work on this, and it's incredible to see it realised.

And - the new Dead Hand is out now -here.


It has been a minute. The server with avantwhatever.net is going really well. It has been a great opportunity to spend some more focussed time within the server system, and be able to talk about it with the other users of the space. I will miss our weekly calls. I've been writing a lot of things on a subdomain there, motes.avantwhatever.net.

Working on some bits for a new dead hand release by Nathan. Included adapting my flat sketch tool to include music notation...

I have been continuing to spend as much time as possible reading and writing for my uni course. This also linked to a workshop I ran a couple of weeks ago at Vivid Projects with members of their Black Hole Club. This was a good opportunity to test some of the things I'd been thinking about - and felt like a great day.

This Friday I'm showing the google maps film I made last year, with Nathan, at a Two Queens event, Two Screens. Looks like it will be a good time.


Some time since my last update. I've been working on the same things, and reading a lot - but the day job has been busier and more distracting for a while.

I am really excited to be taking part in a server residency with avantwhatever.net. I'm not too sure what the outcomes will be at this stage, but meeting the team, Ben, Patrick, Bec and fellow resident Rory has been great.


First version of nightwalk webring published. I'm hoping to use this in a couple of workshops - so it was a good chance to refamiliarise myself with the code and check things worked as I expected. I'll announce the webring in some places soon and am inviting folks to join.

I'll give it a couple of days though, as I would like to at least catch it at the night time hours.

I've written a bit about the webring at /nightwalk.html but it is essentially just a webring that is only visible to visitors at certain times. In this case- between midnight and 3am.


Refreshed pages across the site - so things might be broken.

The CSNI related pages are now accessible from the sitemap.


The drone jam entry is accessible at bruise.in/drone.html or itch.io/twisted-wire. Lot's to continue working on.
Small updates to /reading also.


I've been spending time building small AM radio receivers. It's something I've wanted to try for a while - but hadn't known where to start. I'm writing something up regarding this as part of dr((((((o))))))ne jam.


Collected Poems will be exhibited at GLOAM, Sheffield from today through May 8th. It's part of a Two Queens re-exhibition of the members' show. The poems are existing here as a slightly different version though, without drawings as this is what GLOAM requested - but there are some new poems added in.


Big gap in the log.

In the background I've been building some online documentation of my research project for CSNI.

/csni is the link. It's very loose at the moment and mostly a sketching out of ideas. But I am enjoying it immensely.


The new dead hand piece, Walking backwards to see you is now up at bandcamp.

I've added an archive page here to start linking back to some older projects. First up is eyes, which was another collaboration with Nathan from last year.

A few small updates across the site. I've abandoned the md->html approach for the most part and am just merrily writing things out as html.


I'm very pleased to share that I'm now developing the Careful Networks project as part of an MRes at the Centre for the Study of the Networked Image.

The research produced at and around CSNI is incredible, and I am looking forward to seeing how this shapes the project.

Read about CSNI here.


Now with RSS. Perhaps. I was prompted to look at this more closely having only recently watched The Internet's Own Boy.


Constant, a film by Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner is screening at several festivals, now. Nathan and I (mostly Nathan) did some dead hand work on the sound. We will be releasing some of these as a small collection soon. It was a really inspiring process and fascinating window into the practices of Sasha and Beny. Screening info here.


The site is now moved over and seems to be working. I'm excited to have some new pages to tend to, which I had been hoping to implement for some time. I'd like to look again at mirroring this to gemini or parts of it anyway. I still have my page on the brilliant flounder.online but have been absent from it for a while.


I’m beginning to re-assemble the website into something a bit more manageable and flexible. I’ve moved the hosting to Greenhost.



~gg 09/22